Hi, peeps

Well, here I am again. Taken me a long time, but I’m really, really intending to make full use of this… Well, we’ll see how that works out 😄

The big news is that I am working again. I started October 2013 as a Doctor’s receptionist, and I’m absolutely adoring it. I am much better at it than I ever thought I would be, too!

It’s also possible that I may have another grandchild sometime, hopefully this year… More news as I get it on that.

I went to the theatre for the first time in decades last weekend: went to the Noel Coward Theatre to see Shakespeare in Love. Loved it! I really do highly recommend it.

Well, better leave it at that for now. I don’t want to peak too soon 😃 See you all soon? 😍💋💞


Oops :-( Re ‘News!’

Serves me right for blogging so erratically, but it seems I have inadvertently caused a bit of confusion here.
I’m afraid that I do not have a new job [yet 🙂 !]
The post saying I have a start date for my new job is from July 2011, just before I started at Comet.
Unfortunately, at the moment I am still looking 😦 Apologies for any confusion… I must start blogging more often, that’s all there is to it… 😀


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I have a start date for my new job! I start on Monday 25th, and I’m so excited! Yay for me!

I never used to go on Facebook very often….

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…but that’s all changed now. I have managed to find so many old friends and colleagues through Facebook, that I will be forever be a little beholden to it. I really don’t think I would want to live without it now. Luckily , I don’t have to!

And as for Twitter…. WOW! What a revelation!!

How do you feel about Facebook? Share your feelings with me! Please?

Boy, I’ve been a bit slack with my blogging…

Okay. So it’s been 6 years since my last post. I would say it’s because I’ve been really busy, but that would just be a cop out. Especially since I have been unemployed for the last five months!

I have been trying really hard to find work since December, but still… actually, I had an interview today, and I have been asked back for a second interview, which is great news.

I will try not to leave it so long between posts  in the future, though. Honest!!

I’m out of work again, folks. Yep, got made redundant on 23rd December 2010. Anyone got any jobs going in the Essex area? I can’t drive, so in and around Harlow would be superb!!    
I managed four years out of a three-month temporary contract, though, so that’s not too shabby…